Welcome to a leader in commercial insurance consulting.

    Our services are tailored to your industry and long-term business strategies.

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    Delivering value above expectations.

    Advice is a recognised leading adviser to the technology, media, communications and telecommunications industries. Rapid innovation and convergence in this space, together with an ever-changing legal and regulatory environment, means that clients must constantly reevaluate, and in some cases entirely re-engineer, their business models and strategies with us.

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    The power of customer experience in energy retailing

    We service six main operating areas: Geological & Geophysical, Drilling & Well Construction, FEED & Conceptual Engineering, Production & Maintenance, Construction and, Subsea Inspection & Maintenance and currently provide over 200 consultants of over 30 nationalities to over 20 countries globally.

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    Business Intelligence for the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry

    For over 10 years, The Advice has helped CPG clients develop profitable growth strategies that align with today’s most profitable consumers and tap into emerging demand. Through our proprietary Demand Strategy approach we blend strategy, economics and consumer understanding for new insights and actionable results.

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    Healthcare Healthcare companies must identify ways to deliver better value for patients.

    Our Consulting is unique in its ability to assist in understanding the real
    value and potential of emerging technologies.

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